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Travelling to the Middle East

Stunning adjoining mountains, warm blue waters and some of the oldest and most alluring history in the world makes the Middle East one of the most exciting and safe places to visit. You’ll find temples to tombs from the famous Dead Sea to gorgeous mountaintops to some of the world’s tallest structures for you to experience. Middles East has something for everyone to enjoy with some of the most breathtaking places to see. Visit Tel Aviv recognized as the second largest city filled with culture and holy sites. If your looking for a vacation paradise then includes Dubai, VAE a popular tourist attraction filled with everything that you desire. Many travelers include a visit to Cairo, which is filled with fascinating architecture, and culture to experience.

Best things to do in the Middle East?

There are numerous places that vacationers can indulge in the multicultural cities, architectural beauty luxury hotels, and some of the finest beaches when choosing the Middle East as your holiday destination. A great place to visit is Tel Aviv, Israel where there is nothing better than enjoying morning brunch in the elegant neighborhood of Neve Tzedek where you’ll indulge in Dallal’s brunch filled with some of the most delicious spreads. If you’re looking for beach fun, the Mediterranean Sea is filled with many beautiful beaches to accommodate families, couples, and surfers looking for a great time. A popular beach to visit is the Hilton Beach, Frishman and Gordon Beach. All of these are near hotels so you can so you can male this trip an unforgettable experience. Visit the must-see attractions in the beautiful city of Dubai. Next, to the Dubai Mall, you can benefit from the shopping malls and mouthwatering restaurants. Why stop there, enjoy the indoor theme park where a huge indoor waterfall and the Dubai Aquarium including the underwater zoo. If it’s historical sites you’re seeking well take a walk at the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood where you’ll be amazed at the history it has to offer. Millions of travelers include a visit to Cairo, Egypt where tourists can see the beautiful historical pyramids such as Pyramid of Khufu’s, Queens Pyramids and Pyramid of Khafre.

How many days to spend in the Middle East?

A Middle East trip can be well planned by giving yourself two weeks to enjoy your holiday. Spend three days in Tel Aviv and a couple of days at the Mediterranean coast. If you’re including Jerusalem in your choices then a week there should give you an unforgettable traveling experience.

Best time to visit the Middle East?

Springtime between the months of March to May is a great time to visit the Middle East. You can enjoy pleasant temperatures making your trip a fantastic one. Thanks to the beautiful warm temperatures and blooming wildflowers, travelers can enjoy the sightseeing around the beautiful historical sights. The Middle East is very hot in the summer time, which is during the period of June to August. These months can be quite uncomfortable exceeding 45 degrees. If you do intend to visit the Middle East during peak season, remain near the coast where you will benefit from the breeze. Autumn in the Middle East falls between September to November. Temperatures are still high till about the end of October but are more manageable and are a great time for long journeys. Winter, on the other hand, falls within the months of December to Feb where sightseeing is still possible. Winter is less of a popular time to visit the Middle East.


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