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Tower of London

The Tower of London is located within walking distance of the River Thames’ north bank and Tower Bridge in the heart of London. Although expanded and modified by subsequent English monarchs through the centuries, the White Tower, commissioned by William the Conqueror, retains its original characteristics and forms the focal point of this outstanding example of medieval architecture. Having defeated England in the Battle of Hastings in 1066, William endeavored to bring all of England under his control and so the Tower of London was established to help consolidate his power and exact terror and domination over London. Construction began around 1078, although ironically William never saw his project finished due to his death prior to completion in the early 1090s. Officially called ‘Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of The Tower of London’, the compound is now a World Heritage Site.

You’ll step back in time to an era of oppressive rule within this iconic landmark, where The Crown Jewels continue to attract countless tourists… just for a glimpse and where, if you’re lucky enough, you could see the ghost of Anne Boleyn. Beheaded May 19, 1536, many reported sitings place Queen Anne’s headless body close to her execution site at Tower Green. Learn more of the expansions and remodelling projects implemented by various Kings & Queens, and hear stories of the prison and its prisoners, such as Sir Walter Raleigh and Elizabeth I, prior to her ascension to the throne.

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