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Stirling Castle

No holiday in Scotland is complete without a visit to Stirling Castle. Holding an important place in Scottish history, the castle stands majestically atop volcanic rock overlooking the upper Forth valley, where the ‘Battle of Stirling Bridge’ saw the defeat of Edward I’s army in 1297 at the hands of William Wallace. The following year Wallace was appointed Guardian of Scotland. This was the period kick-starting Scotland’s first Wars of Independence.

The locus of many sieges, battles and other ceremonies, Stirling Castle saw the Crowning of Mary Queen of Scots aged 9 months in 1543 and where she spent her early childhood. Some two hundred years later her three times great grandson, Bonnie Prince Charlie, would himself lay siege to the castle in one of many Jacobite campaigns… a cause he inherited from his fore-fathers.

Meander through the Grand Hall, explore the opulence of the Royal Palace and Chapel, enjoy the tapestries found in the Queen’s residence or simply enjoy the atmosphere of this incredible piece of living history and stunning views across the valley to the Ochil Hills. There is something for everyone!

Home to many ghosts of a bygone era, you might even be lucky enough to sense or see the castle’s Green Lady, Mary Queen of Scots’ lady-in-waiting, who saved the queen one night from a fire in her bed chambers. Having died from her burns some time later, she now frequents the castles dark corridors and courtyards

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