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Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills forms part of the Santa Monica mountain range, with magnificent views over the vibrant city of Los Angeles. The neighborhood is a magnet for hikers, joggers and sight-seers, who flock to the hills to enjoy panoramic views of the dazzling surroundings. You’ll feel like you’ve stumbled on a film set, with the Hollywood sign looming high over the city.

Whatever tour of Hollywood Hills you take, you will not be disappointed. These 2.5 hour guided hikes provide insider knowledge and interesting history of Los Angeles and surrounding neighborhoods, but be sure to pack a camera, as you don’t want to miss this unrivalled photo opportunity!

Tours ascend at an easy pace, giving some of the best views over downtown Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Further up the route to Mt Hollywood gives a clear vantage point over Sunset Strip and Century City. And no tour is complete without a visit to the iconic Griffith Park Observatory, with Sunset tours giving the added advantage of watching the sun go down while the lights come on, as Los Angeles nightlife comes alive!



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