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Guide to Dominican Republic

Recognized for its beautiful beaches, the Dominican Republic has become a popular tourist destination. When you think of the Dominican Republic, you can’t help but to dream of white sandy beaches and beautiful palm trees blowing in the breeze. Some of Dominica’s most recognized beaches can be found in Punta Cana, with its most popular beach the Bavaro. You’ll enjoy white sand beaches along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. This top travel destination is an excellent choice for weddings. The Dominican is known for friendly people, rich culture and fascinating food. A Dominican Republic vacation has everything you can dream of.

Best things to do in the Dominican Republic?

There’s nothing better than to experience an affordable all-inclusive package deal that includes a stunning beach resort, and some of the best golf courses for you to enjoy. A great place to visit is Punta Cana, a famous destination in the Dominican. Packed with many resorts, it’s recognized for its alluring beaches such as the Palm tree lined Bavaro and popular golf courses. This remarkable island is ideal for your picture perfect vacation. Enjoy the gorgeous island’s beautiful water and land activities, as well as nighttime entertainment. You’ll be inspired from its delicious cuisine and accommodations to give you the best travel experience. Visit the countries capital Santo Domingo. This old world attraction has parts of its colonial history spread throughout the city. The oldest cathedral, which is named the First Cathedral of America, stands in Santo Domingo. This historical city is famous for the museums of the Royal Houses. Don’t miss out on the country’s rich history. There’s an adventure for everyone in the Dominican, from snorkeling, kayaking, or just enjoy the sandy beaches, you’ll definitely fulfill your dream vacation.

How many days to spend in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is one of the most economic Caribbean Island choices to visit. In the east coat and eastern plains, you’ll find most of the country’s all-inclusive resorts. The length of time spent in the beautiful Caribbean island depends on what your itinerary is when travelling to the Dominican Republic

Best time to visit the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican weather forecast usually calls for beautiful warm days, but it does have its high and low seasons. The most popular months for tourists to visit are March and July. September and October are considered to be the peek months for hurricane season, making these months less popular. High seasons are July and August, when tourists fill the resorts. The Dominican climate is best during December and late February when it has cooled down a little from the hot summer. You’ll save money and will be able to book your trip easier.

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