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St. Augustine Ghosts & Gravestones Tour

80 minutes
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Ready for the unearthly experience of St. Augustine at night? Board the Trolley of the Doomed and explore the eerie, haunted places in this ancient city.


  • Visit the mysterious Old Jail listed on the Florida and National Register of Haunted Places.
  • Creep through Potter’s Wax Museum in the dark of night.
  • Take the chance of encountering supernatural phenomenon.
  • Shudder at the tales of entertaining professional Ghost Guides.


Imagine an ancient city, claimed in the name of Spain in 1565 by Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles, one of the often cruel and murderous Spanish explorers and colonists.

Troubled Native American spirits clung to their former home. Early settlers battled plague, famine, and hurricanes, dying in large numbers. Thieves and cutthroats lurked in the dark, narrow streets. This was old St. Augustine.

Many report seeing weary souls and strange apparitions wandering the city. Mysterious lights and strange noises are common. Perhaps you too will have an encounter of the ghostly kind as you explore some of the oldest haunted zones in America. Some say many of the city’s oldest residents are still about, making themselves known on moonless nights.

Visit the Old Jail, site of 60 years of untold suffering in miserable, segregated, unsanitary conditions. Countless poor folks met their end in the small cells, and 8 men took their final walk to the jail’s gallows before the place was shut down in 1953.

Enter the Old Drug store, legendary for hundreds of documented yet unexplained occurrences. Noises, cold spots, moving shadows, whispered voices; learn the hidden secrets of the hauntings that have plagued the store since it opened in 1887.

Why is this area so spiritually active? Perhaps because the Old Drug Store sits on the edge of the Tolomato Cemetery, over 350 years old and the former site of a Native American village as well as the burial place of both villagers and American black slaves who fled from bondage in the Carolinas to the north.

Explore the creepy Chamber of Horrors in Potter’s Wax Museum and listen to the story of Andrew Ransom, a ruthless English pirate who kept his gruesome date with the executioner in St. Augustine. His photo is said to have been captured by a visitor to Castillo San Marcos.

Experience a haunted tour that is based on well-researched, documented phenomenon. Travel the nighttime streets of the oldest European settlement in the United States. Keep your camera ready because glowing orbs, energy fields, and spectral figures commonly appear in the background of photos from this tour. After it’s all done, learn more from a great selection of books on the paranormal side of St. Augustine.

Don’t miss this chance to explore the dark side of St. Augustine. Book your St. Augustine Ghosts & Gravestones Tour online now.


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