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3-Day Sedona and Grand Canyon Traveler

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On this 3-day, 2-night tour of Sedona and the Grand Canyon, you'll travel through the Sonoran Desert to Sedona before exploring scenic Oak Creek Canyon and admire the ever-changing colors of the Grand Canyon.



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rfeldbruegge, Oct 2018 Verified

Upon arrival at Phoenix airport on Sunday we already had a text that Grand Canyon was cancelled for Tuesday due to predicted bad weather resulting from Hurricane Rosa. Contacted them and they made some changes and had us stay two nights in Sedona instead of one, and did the Grand Canyon the next day instead. We had a perfect day for Grand Canyon and our guide Lynn was wonderful. Enjoyed it all immensely. We recommend Arizona Tours, great guides and no complaints.

Chaya C, Jul 2018 Verified

We had a relaxing and enjoyable trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Our tour was run by Ma Pa Travels of Arizona, for Cool Destinations. The accommodations were good, the transportation was comfortable, and we got to see a lot. The tour guides in particular were great. We had Mr. Wayne for pick-up and drop-off from Phoenix; Al for a short tour of Sedona, and Kris for our day from Sedona to the Grand Canyon. Each one of them was friendly, obliging, and a wealth of information! They were always on time (earlier even) and considerate of our needs (we were two women traveling). We didn't always get a whole lot of time at locations along the way to the main destination (Grand Canyon), but the guides needed to accommodate both the one-day and 3-day travelers, so it was understandable.

I am glad that we were able to do the 3-day trip, which gave us plenty of time to take in the sights, hike, shop, eat, and relax, at both Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Had we done the day-trips, I imagine it would have felt a bit rushed (particularly at the Grand Canyon) and would have been a lot of driving.

Overall, a very good experience.

Lynn H, Feb 2018 Verified

The tour was great! The scenery was spectacular and the supplier, Ma and Pa Tours, were friendly, helpful and efficient in contacting us. It would have been helpful to have a little more detail upfront as to what all was involved - ie. an extra side bus tour in Sedona which was awesome, and the fact that the drivers 4 in all expected tips for these tours - one, aggressively so! The bus drivers were good drivers and had lots of information to share.

In Sedona, we stayed at the Arabella Hotel which was very clean and the staff was friendly and helpful. One staff member recommended the Javalina Cantina a Mexican-American restaurant within walking distance and it was EXCELLENT!

The Grand Canyon was spectacular and on the last day, we decided to take in the IMAX theatre. Here again, it would have been helpful to know ahead of time that it was even a possibility during the trip. We Googled it the night before and were surprised by the very reasonable rates, Seniors were 10.50 if booked online. It cost 14 each way to take a taxi. One glitch was the fact that on the return taxi ride, the driver asked if we had a voucher from our bus driver stating that we had been on a bus tour. We did not receive any such voucher and she informed us that we might have to pay an additional 6 fee because the IMAX theatre was outside the park in Tusayan. We were questioned at the toll booth and convinced the person that we had been on a Ma and Pa tour better known as Red Rock tours and they let us through. So heads up, ask the bus driver for a voucher to let you get back into the Grand Canyon National Park area without additional cost. The IMAX was a must see - a 34 minute amazing show and a super gift shop outside that sells DVDs of the show!

These 3 days were the highlight of our Arizona stay.

Edk1229, Jan 2018 Verified

For the most part, the Cool Destinations trip was excellent. The hotels in Sedona and the Grand Canyon were great. The tour guide on Day 2, JR was very knowledgeable. He made many stops throughout the day to let us see the sights. The guide the 3rd day, Wayne? was also excellent. The guide in Sedona was not good. He basically had a script and didnt want to or know how to answer our questions.
My main criticism was that the drivers far exceeded the speed limits and although we arrived safely I felt that their driving was reckless.

Pipbundred, Nov 2017 Verified

Apart from a few problems prior to the trip with communications, the organisation, reliability and quality of guides and information were outstanding. I also used your organisation to see the Muir Woods and the same thing applied. I will use you again, and have recommended you to friends. Pip

Christina B, Sep 2017 Verified

An outstanding trip. Having never been to Sedona or Grand Canyon, this was a trip that I won't soon forget. Each guide was thorough and communicative, especially a Navajo guide, Brian. I learned more about Native American History in 7 hours than I have in all my years of education. He was genuine, smart and funny. This trip provides a good balance of guides and time on your own. I had plenty of time to hike, eat the local cuisine and do plenty on my own. Sedona and the Grand Canyon were a dream. Truly grateful we have such an amazing landscape and history to enjoy. I recommend this tour!

Tracy, Jul 2017 Verified

I really enjoyed this tour of Sedona, the Grand Canyon and the many beautiful landscapes you see as you drive north through Arizona. The tour combined guided sightseeing with plenty of free time, and I found several hours to view various points along the Grand Canyon at my leisure. Thanks to our excellent tour guides.

CAROL R, Jan 2017 Verified

We all really enjoyed our tour. Everything went as planned on day 1. We were picked up at our hotel and driven to Sedona. Our guide was nice and knowledgeable and engaging. When we arrived in Sedona she dropped our luggage off at our hotel and told us she was taking us to the site of our prearranged jeep tour. After the red jeep tour which was awesome! we had to find our way back to our hotel. We did not have a town map so we started walking and asking directions. We are 3 women, aged 67, 68 and 72. The walk proved to be much longer than we thought and strenuous. The next morning I was called and told the other drivers forgot to pick us up but not to worry, JR was on his way. He was only about 10 - 15 minutes late and was a great tour guide. Lots of stories and information. He dropped us off at our hotel in Grand Canyon Nat. Park after a great day of driving the South Rim and stopping for pictures. We spent the night and were on our own until 3:15pm the next day. We were told to meet our driver in front of the hotel at 3:15. He arrived at 3:00. First he had me paged then he called me. He rushed us claiming we were holding up the rest of the tour. Our bus left the hotel at 3:20pm and we felt rather hurried and pushed but settled in for the long ride home.
My suggestions to improve your tours... 1Give specific directions and transportation options to your clients rather than leaving them on their own to get around town in Sedona. We were not even sure which directions to start walking to get to our hotel. 2 Please make sure your drivers are told the same pick up times as your clients. 3 Finally, the bus we took to go home was uncomfortable. The seats were short, not well padded and there were no arm rests. If I had not been seat belted in I would have fallen out of the seat into the isle several times. The bus we were on for the longest leg of the tour was the least comfortable.
That being said... We loved the tour and would do it again. Now that we know what to expect we can prepare for it.
I would definitely recommend this tour.

Genevieve R M, Oct 2016 Verified

Our tour guide on Thurs. was Cory and she was great. Need to give her a raise.

annette2gk, Oct 2016 Verified

First I want to say that the tour guides were top notch on this tour! The Redstone tour guides were all very knowledgable and entertaining, especially Wayne who is 77 years old going on 30! This man was amazing and all of us on the van agreed he was the best! He took us from Sedona to the Grand Canyon on Day 2 and it was a delightful experience. All of the legs of the trip were on time with the exception of the last leg, which was on Day 3 from the Grand Canyon to Phoenix. This last and final leg was 3 hours late. We left the Grad Canyon at 6:30 PM instead of the scheduled 3:30 PM. We never found out what really happened to cause the delay but was told by Scott that this type of event rarely happens. As a result, he offered to pay for our dinner which was much appreciated. All in all it was a great 3 Day trip and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about going to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I am sure there were lessons learned so hopefully delays like this could be avoided or mitigated in the future. It was a great trip and I was happy to have made it back to Phoenix safe and sound.

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