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A guide to traveling in Asia

An adventure in Asia will walk you through inspiring and captivating cultures, uncovering some of the world’s most beautiful ancient temples, beautiful beaches and appetizing food. As you travel from charming villages in India to the brilliant cityscape in Bangkok, Asia offers you a variety of different cultures, languages and traditions. If you thought Asia was only about historical monuments and cultural interests, than you are inaccurate. Cities like Hong Kong and Singapore are considered modern, known as the fashion centres. Asia is a continent full of adventure and will make your vacation a memorable one.

Best things to do in Asia?

When traveling to a different continent, there are so many places to see. It’s difficult to limit which tourist attractions in Asia you want to see. For first-timers in Asia, visit the unforgettable white sand beaches in Thailand. The scenery is overwhelming. Visit Japan’s tallest mountain Mount Fuji, to see the traditional cultures that can be found in the mountain village of the country. Bangkok is famous for the Buddha Temple and Buddha statues. China is one of the largest countries in Asia and needs time to tour the entire country. Some of the popular locations in China include the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Tiananmen Square. The skyscrapers there are also magical to see. Experience the exceptional city of Singapore known as a “garden city” because of the fact that its land is covered by greenery and it has over fifty extensive parks and nature reserves. Visiting these places will give you beautiful memories that you will cherish forever.

How many days to spend in Asia?

If you’re planning a trip to Asia, you’ve made a fantastic choice. Asia is one of the preferred regions by many travellers. You may be wondering how much time do you need to see all the wonderful places in Asia? Give yourself as much time as you can depend on your itinerary. You’ll need at least three weeks to a month. Having a manageable guide will allow you to stay in places longer, creating pleasant memories.

Best time to visit?

Most places in Asia experience two seasons: wet and dry. Asia is near to the Equator enough to remain warm throughout the year. During the night it often feels cool, making your sleep a more comfortable one. Popular destinations are most busy during the dry and sunny months, which is the time period from November through February.

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