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A dream vacation in Africa

With its picturesque landscapes and remarkable animal life, the world’s second biggest continent will surely catch your attention. Africa is surrounded by exquisite hotels and amazing sightseeing for you to enjoy. Discover the luxurious continental cuisines to exploring the safaris and heritage sites. You can be sure you will cherish your travel experience for a lifetime. Africa is a popular tourist destination with countries like Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya for tourists to discover. The wildlife attracts many travelers where you’ll enjoy the many types of the scenery of big cats in action. Wandering birds fill the air with their lavishing trees moving back and forth producing a pleasant shade over Safari picnics. Whether you choose a beach holiday or a safari Africa will fascinate you in the most memorable way.

Best things to do in Africa?

Wake up to the sound of the magnificent birds or the beautiful sunrise in your Tanzania safari visit. The beautiful country is blessed with some of the most exciting world-class parks. This country offers travelers the best of both worlds stunning beaches and a Tanzania safari. Enjoy the endless African safari as you discover Kenya’s rich and exciting wildlife filled with endless landscapes and picturesque views. You’ll be able to observe the magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. From beautiful beaches at the Indian Ocean and lively cities, Kenya offers a remarkable safari experience. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or to explore, South Africa has much to offer. Many seek to explore the beautiful landscapes, relaxing hotels, and fine food. For the adventure seekers, you can hike through the mountains or visit the wild parks where there is plenty to discover.

How many days to spend in Africa?

How many safari days depends on your itinerary and your budget. Many travelers choose anywhere from ten days to two weeks. It is an experience of a lifetime so make sure you include as many parks and beaches as possible. You will definitely want to return back for more adventure.

Best time to visit Africa?

Most wildlife parks are easier to see from May to September. This is the dry season where animals are usually around rivers. The best weather in Africa is April – May and September – October where temperatures are pleasant. June to August is cold in the morning and the night. December through February can get quite hot. Parks are normally very crowded as travelers venture in their safari experience.


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